Film Screenings

All films showcased in the FlixxFest Film Festival will be presented in a cutting edge virtual theatre screening platform on the world’s most unique and trusted online film presentation site,

Though other similar websites and festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival are now attempting to duplicate both the world wide exposure to Filmmaker’s projects, and the virtual theatre experience, still remains the first and only online screening platform to be able to offer the films in a virtual theatre setting that is the most secure for the Filmmaker’s film.

The FlixxFest Film Festival is different from its chief competitors because it offers an unique method of viewing films in an online film festival that all of its competitors, even those that provide online fests do not.

Unlike other festivals streaming films online, films in this festival cannot be downloaded, the films HAVE NO EMBEDDING CODE and our HTML code if copied and pasted, the films will not play, therefore they CANNOT be placed on other websites.

The only time and place they can be viewed is in our festival. In short, we have gone to great lengths to set this system up to protect the safety and security of each filmmaker’s film always keeping the filmmaker in mind. Basically, it is just as secure as a brick and mortar theater screening, only much better.

Much like most other festivals, ours was limited by time in how many films we could screen at the fest. Simply put, if a film is good, it will be accepted and screened without time constraints. Films will not be available for download, but shall be presented in a video on demand, or virtual theatre setting with a system that will allow users to watch the films, but not download or in any other way capture the film for use on any other site or to reproduce the film in any fashion such as burning it to DVD.

The virtual theatre system and screening platform is completely secure and can be viewed from any computer, and mobile device.

FlixxFest discovers, highlights, and celebrates the best and the most talented films from independent storytellers the world over, and shares their work with the world of independent film lovers.