2015 FlixxFest

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2015 FlixxFest Film Winners

2015 FlixxFest Film Nominations

The official Selection Laurels will be emailed to you after the Festival has ended which will be on Saturday January 2, 2016.  Award Nominations will be announced on Wednesday December 30, with the Award Selections being announced on Saturday January 2, 2016.

FlixxFest was designed to bring thousands of filmmakers together in one virtual place to showcase films from all over the world and across the United States Of America.

Our festival will be showcasing feature and short length films of all genres including Documentary, Experimental, Religious/Spiritual, Animation, Comedy, Horror, all genres of Music Videos and GLBT films.

Quickly becoming recognized as one of the premier film festivals around the globe, our festival is a tribute to the power of film and the excitement of independent film from around the world, as we celebrate the work, dedication, and determination of independent  filmmakers, and award outstanding artistic vision in the cinematic arts.

FlixxFest 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit and prides itself in seeking out films that display strong storytelling, both written and visual, and the finest in independent filmmaking throughout the world. We strive to showcase the films and filmmakers that audiences want to see, and we are always looking to discover the best and brightest new talent, along with showcasing the works of veteran filmmakers.

Film Fest exists to champion the best filmmaking. Our goal is to promote the art of filmmaking by presenting films that challenge the viewers to think about both the content of the films and their own assumptions, along with entertaining the masses with great films.

The mission of our festival is to rejoice in the film arts and to champion independent film and independent filmmakers, and to stimulate and enrich all who attend our festival as we present the most compelling stories and filmmakers to the world.

Much like with the digital technology that has swept the independent film festivals throughout the world since the early 2000s, for many reasons the virtual theater is quickly becoming the first, best choice for festivals, and the new home of Independent film screening worldwide.

The FlixxFest Film Festival is different from all other festival because it offers an unique method of viewing films in an online film festival that is totally secure and safe for a filmmaker’s project, and even those that provide online fests cannot duplicate the safety and security that we offer.

Unlike other festivals streaming films online, films in this festival cannot be downloaded, the films HAVE NO EMBEDDING CODE and our HTML code if copied and pasted, the films will not play, therefore they CANNOT be placed on other websites.

The only time and place they can be viewed is in our festival. In short, we have gone to great lengths to set this system up to protect the safety and security of each filmmaker’s film always keeping the filmmaker in mind. Basically, it is just as secure as a brick and mortar theater screening, only much better.

The virtual theatre system and screening platform is completely secure and can be viewed from any computer, and mobile device.

The FlixxFest Film Festival brings the film festival experience of tomorrow to the independent film world today.